Privacy Policy for our Online Users

At Top Quote Life Insurance, we understand that your privacy and the security of your personal information are extremely important.  The Online Visitor Privacy Policy explains why we gather and how we use your personal information to provide you life insurance quotes when visiting our website  If you have any questions or concerns about our online visitor’s privacy policy, we encourage you to contact us.

Why we Collect Online Visitor Information

  • Personal Information is collected to provide accurate real-time life insurance quotes.
  • Information is collected to begin the process of the application request and/or to begin the purchase of life insurance.

The Information We Collect and How we use it with our Life Insurance Quote Request Form

This site provides free life insurance quotes without the need of providing personal information such as name or contact information for an initial quote. To provide accurate quotes, certain information must be collected, including state of residence, date of birth, gender, height, weight, coverage amount desired, term period desired, health classification of the proposed insured, and tobacco use.

For high-risk life insurance quotes, detailed personal information may be required in order to provide a life insurance quote.

All life insurance carriers have proprietary rate guidelines based on the previously mentioned information. To provide accurate quotes and rates, the information mentioned above must be collected.

The Life Insurance Application Request Form

This section of the website represents the initiation of the life insurance application process. By filling out this form, you are requesting to be contacted by a Top Quote Life Insurance licensed agent regarding your request to apply for life insurance coverage. The information collected on this form (name, mailing address, email, and phone numbers) will be used only to contact you regarding your request to apply for life insurance coverage. Top Quote Life Insurance will in no way ever sell or give away this information. Top Quote Life Insurance may share this information with life insurance carriers in an effort to provide the best service and products to you, our clients.

This form will also request other personal information such as health and lifestyle information required by most life insurance applications. You do not need to fill out this information online, but you will need to provide it during the application process along with additional personal information to complete the application.

Communication with Clients

Once a website user has initiated a relationship with Top Quote Life Insurance through this site, various forms of communication may ensue. They include:

  1. contact by telephone
  2. contact by email
  3. contact by mail
  4. contact by fax

All contact is to help our clients apply for, purchase, and/or get life insurance. Contact will only come from a licensed Top Quote Life Insurance agent and/or our processing staff.

If at any time you desire that we cease contact with you, please reply by e-mail, telephone, mail, or fax and we will immediately remove you from our database.

Your Options when using

Top Quote Life Insurance website is open for public use without providing any personally identifiable information for life insurance quotes.

By providing your personally identifiable information on this site, you are explicitly initiating a relationship (as defined by the National Do Not Call Registry) with Top Quote Life Insurance and are inviting, consenting to, and requesting contact and information from us, which may be provided to you online, by phone, fax, email, or mail by Top Quote Life Insurance or one of our carriers, affiliates, vendors, or partners. As such, you are waiving any right (including claims under the Telemarketing Sales Rule) extending in perpetuity to claim that we contacted you without your express consent.

If, at any time, you desire that we cease contact with you, we will honor your request to place you on our internal “Do Not Contact” list.


You may unsubscribe from our email mailing list at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any one of our emails. Or simply reply with the message “unsubscribe”.


You may disable cookies on your browser at any time by following the directions provided to you by your browser.

Update/Change Personal Information

If you would like to update or change the personal information we have on file for you, please contact us.

Carrier, Partner, Vendor, and Affiliate Privacy Policies

Top Quote Life Insurance may share your personally identifiable information with insurance carriers or other partners, vendors, or affiliates for the express purpose of assisting you in your purchase of insurance. Top Quote Life Insurance is not liable or responsible for these third-party companies’ privacy policies or procedures, or any loss or breach of data through these third-party systems. Please contact these individual organizations with questions regarding their Privacy Policies.

Spam Policy

Top Quote Life Insurance does not spam.

Spam or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is an attempt to deliver an email to someone who would not choose to receive it. If you receive an email from Top Quote Life Insurance, it is because (1) you expressly shared your email address with us for the purpose of receiving information in the future (also known as “opt-in”), or (2) you have purchased from us or have a current relationship with us.

By requesting information from Top Quote Life Insurance or providing your contact information on our site, you have agreed to opt-in to receive our information.

You can unsubscribe from our email mailing list at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any one of our emails or by replying to the email with the subject line, “unsubscribe”.

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time. Top Quote Life Insurance is always looking for new and safer ways to protect our clients’ information. Consequently, this Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect those changes. It is suggested that you review this Privacy Policy each time you use this site.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this document, our procedures, and policies, this site, or your relationship with us, please contact us.

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